The Benefits of Invisalign

Aug 14 • 1 minute read

The Benefits of Invisalign

While the aesthetic benefit of straighter teeth is recognized, correcting the alignment of your smile can also improve your oral health. 
Our dedicated staff at Advanced Family Dentistry helps patients understand all of the benefits of having straighter teeth. We offer Invisalign® clear braces as an alternative to metal braces, which is a treatment plan that uses custom-made trays to gently guide the teeth into proper alignment. Both teenagers and adults can benefit from this teeth straightening option.

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

When teeth are crowded, your toothbrush may not reach the tightened areas between teeth where plaque accumulates, which makes this area susceptible to decay. Moving the misaligned teeth also reduces the risk of gum inflammation, which can lead to the onset of gingivitis. When teeth are properly aligned, flossing and brushing is more effective, allowing patients to remove plaque and bacteria that feed the gum disease and promote tooth decay. 

Straight teeth also improve the jaw alignment and bite, helping to reduce or prevent jaw pain and chipped teeth. Healthy alignment improves eating habits as well, allowing for the even distribution of pressure and force when biting and chewing. 

Benefits of Invisalign 

Choosing Invisalign over traditional braces has its rewards as well. The removable trays allow adult wearers to inconspicuously straighten their teeth, since they can easily take the trays out for major events or business meetings. Being able to remove the trays makes it easy to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth, which is always good for your oral health. 

Choosing Invisalign

When you choose Invisalign as an alternative to braces, you have an opportunity to straighten your teeth without traditional orthodontic appliances. The team at Advanced Dentistry creates a treatment plan including 3D imaging and a series of custom designed trays that you will change every two weeks. Monthly appointments help certify whether treatment is progressing as planned.

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If you or a family member needs straighter teeth and you want to discuss options available, call Advanced Family Dentistry for a thorough consultation. 

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